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HAIR / Ken Kagami


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In 2015, at the Frieze London art fair, Ken Kagami advertised that he would draw visitors' genitals for free. Installed at a small desk, Kagami drew literally thousands of felt-tip caricatures in intimate 30-second portrait sessions, available to anyone willing to stand in line. Men were offered a drawing of their penis while women were presented with a drawing of their breasts. The artist said he based his drawings on people's face shapes, and that he stuck to breasts for women, because “the vagina is very simple... it has no character. I want things that are long, short, sharp, pointed.”

In HAIR, Kagami finds a way forward, directly to female celebrity private parts. Continuing his humorous confrontation of social taboos, Kagami's irreverent drawings catalogue the imagined pubic topiary stylings of famous ladies. Kagami's illustrations are silly and instinctual, innocently naughty, and wholly reflective of Kagami's sharp sense of form and fun.

Published by Innen and Nieves Books, 2016
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies

Softcover, 52 pages, stapled, black and white offset, 5.51 × 7.87 inches