Gratuitous Type (Issue 4.5)


Gratuitous Type is a publication which celebrates the letter in all its forms, highlighting contemporary design and art from around the world while offering a voyeuristic look into the practices of favorite letter-makers. This is the first in a series of half issues created to examine tangential subjects introduced in full issues of GT which merit further attention.

Issue 4.5 includes a pulp- and poster-making tutorial by the traveling European design collective Letterproeftuin; an examination of the impact of Enzo Mari’s work in the wake of contemporary open-source design; a chat with Walker Art Center designer alumni, Andrea Hyde and Eric Price; a celebration of Corita Kent's ever-inspiring Rules and Hints for Students and Teachers, introduced by Liv Siddall and illustrated by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk; and an exploration of the rise of the designer as shopkeeper.

First edition, 2016
Printed in an edition of 1500

64 pages, 6 × 8.5 inches