Goodbye America / Brad Feuerhelm


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Goodbye America is the new volume by Slovakian artist Brad Feuerhelm (curator and editor of American Suburb X). Feuerhelm drives us through a sequence of images upon which he activates a destructive process, a target shooting exercise on every kind of “American Dream” decline.

This out-of-print volume includes essays by Anthony Faramelli and Ryan Mahan.

“The images that Brad Feuerhelm collected, smashed, scratched, distressed, destroyed shows the perverse ideological core of American culture in agonizing clarity. It is almost as if Feuerhelm were trying to literally tear away the simulacrum in order to expose the “desert of the real”, the void at the heart of the American experiment. In their un—altered form, these photos deliver powerful messages of community, freedom of consumption, and sexual liberation: the American promise that you can “have it all” by simply surrendering to the authority of America’s ideological culture and its logic of exchange. By negating these liberal narratives Feuerhelm takes aim at the so—called “American dream” and formulates a fundamentally nihilist politics that rejects the promise of a better tomorrow." —Anthony Faramelli

Published by Yard Press, 2016
Printed in a limited edition of 300 copies
Bilingual, in English and Italian

Softcover, 176 pages, offset printed, 8.5 × 12.7 inches

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