Genkyo: A Visual Story, Tadanori Yokoo


By Yusuke Minami

Tadanori Yokoo's 80-year history of design, condensed into one book, celebrates a body of work that has fascinated the world. Born in 1936, the Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker, and painter has spent a lifetime merging art and design with often outrageous visual and cultural elements from within Japan and overseas. 

Fans will recognize his playful and dazzling signature style, decade by decade: graphic works of the 1960s, techniques and themes released after his “painter declaration” in 1981, and the "Y-shaped road" series from the 2000s.

This is the official catalogue of an exhibition that traces the development of Yokoo's art and episodes of his life.

Designed by Yoshihisa Shirai

Published by Kokushokankokai, 2021

Hardcover, 160 pages, color and b&w, 8.5 × 10 inches
In Japanese, with English caption

ISBN: 978-4-33-607100-2

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