• Forbidden To Forbid: Counterculture In Italy, 1968-1977

Forbidden To Forbid: Counterculture In Italy, 1968-1977

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Fifty years after 1968—a crucial year in Italian history that still today evokes a decade of political struggles and profound social transformations—the book Forbidden to Forbid: Counterculture in Italy, 1968-1977 traces that overwhelming period through one of its most exciting phenomena: counterculture.

This book contains a rich selection of independent publications, mostly belonging to the Enzo Longo Collection and the Centro Studi Movimenti of Parma, which capture crucial years of struggle and revolution through the device of printed material. In a decade marked by profound social changes, books, manuals, fanzines, magazines, and posters reflect the societal upheaval while creating a graphic record of the way text and image were deployed by various counterculture organizations and alternative movements. 

Edited by Melania Gazzotti

Designed by Pietro Corraini with Federica Ricci

Published by Corraini Edizioni, 2019
Bilingual, in English and Italian

Softcover, 144 pages, color and b&w images, 7.8 × 10.6 inches

ISBN: 978-8-87-570738-5

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