forA on the Urban – issue 0


forA on the Urban examines the open, unfinished, multi-scaled, interconnected, complex and wild nature of urban manifestations, challenges and situations through an expanded notion of architecture.

The first issue #0 aims to initiate the cyclical nature of the project in this initial phase by fostering a process of invited and openly addressed contributions reflected on a discursive online platform, compiled in a pilot issue of the journal.

Debuting at the 17th International Architecture Biennale in Venice, this experimental publication aims to intentionally conflate contributions that address spatial entanglements, dialogues and processes and methods of articulations, without framing any particular subject or topic. Issue #0 instead aims to open up the field of discourse that may provide rich material for further exploration in subsequent issues.

#0 consists of a box, publication, bookmark, poster and puzzle. The 440 page publication is roughly the size of a large smartphone with essays and contributions ordered by the time it takes to read each, from shortest to longest.

Winner of AIGA's 2021 50 Books / 50 Covers competition

Creative direction by Alex Lin
Designed by Alex Lin, Tobias Holzmann and Noah Beckwith (Studio Lin)

Published by Books Places People, 2022

Softcover housed in a cardboard box, 440 pages, 7 × 3.8 inches

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