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FIN? 2018 / DR.ME


The 2018 issue of DR.ME's Fin? is filled with killed projects and ideas that never made it. Pulling together the greatest hits from their regularly published PDF series, which they push out monthly, this printed edition continues to serve as a creative outlet for the British studio, as well as a way to celebrate the graphic goodness of projects that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day.

Work included in this issue pulls on a range of disciplines, from collage to painting to photography and illustration, with a heavy dose of design and typography. FIN? 2018 includes cutting room floor pitches to clients as diverse as Mick Jagger, Young Thug, The Tate, Crack magazine, and Havern Discs.

Designed and published by DR.ME

Printed in a limited edition of 150 copies

Softcover, 36 pages, stapled binding, full color, 8.27 × 11.69 inches