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A Book Celebrating Women in the Type Industry

With a mission to create a valuable stage and platform for designers to showcase their typographic achievements, Femme Type celebrates women in the type industry.

Curated by Amber Weaver, the publication celebrate over 40 skilled, international women in the type industry. Organized into three sections—Essays, Type Design, and Typography—the book is designed to be a source of inspiration and an educational tool for established and emerging designers alike.

With contributions from over forty female designers from around the world, including TienMin Liao, María Ramos, Bianca Berning, Amy Papaelias, Floriane Rousselot (typelab.fr), Verena Gerlach, Johanne Lian Oslen, Andrea Tinnes, Sibylle Hagmann, Leonie Martin & Laura Brunner, Pooja Saxena, Maria Doreuli, Laura Meseguer, Nadine Chahine, Veronica Feurte (founder of Hey Studio), Shanti Sparrow, Marta Gawin, Catherine Griffiths, Ana Duje, Nuria Lopez, Mobel Type foundry, Lilly Marques, Sahar Afshar, Natalie Rauch, Charlotte Rohde, Nova Type Foundry, Lynne Yun, Isabel Urbina Peña, Liron Lavi Turkenich, Marina Chaccur, Yarza Twins, Rita Matos, Hui Yeon Hwang, Caterina Bianchini, Marta Cerda, Rachel Joy Lettering, Sandrine Neugue, Inga Plönnigs, Alice Savoie, Erica Carras, Letitia Lin, Hello this is Kae, Noelia Lozano, Anastasia Liolio, My Name is Wendy, Tina Touli 

Includes a foreword by Goodtype founder Brooke Robinson

Designed by Amber Weaver

Published by People of Print
Second edition, 2020

Softcover, 272 pages, full color (litho printed CMYK with Pantone spot color), 8.25 × 10 inches

ISBN: 978-1-52-724222-7

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