Eye on Design - Issue #05 (Distraction)


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The fifth issue of AIGA's Eye on Design focuses on distraction.

Issue #5 looks at how design influences entertainment, technology, work—and your ability to pay attention to it all. The issue explores how the influx of notifications, screens, and unread emails are shaping the ways we think, and probes how distraction can be a form of escapism and a necessary element in any creative process. 

Read about the legacy of the world's most famous video game designer turned unlikely feminist icon, and how Instagram is changing the way design educators teach and students learn. Take a photographic tour of Times Square's deliberately chaotic ambiance, and explore Pornhub's surprisingly savvy UX design. 

With quizzes, jokes, illustrations, and lots of things to help you procrastinate!

Featuring Anu, Claire Evans, Miglé Kazlauskaite, Jaime Levy, Chris Maggio, YuJune Park, Rachel Syme, Dori Tunstall, and more. 

Designed by Ann Richter and Pia Christmann of Studio Pandan

Softcover, 160 pages, full color, 6.5 × 9 inches

ISSN: 2577-0101

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