Eye on Design - Issue #02 (Psych)


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 In the “Psych issue,” Eye on Design dives headfirst into the intersection of design and mind-altering experiences of all kinds. Readers are introduced to a range of characters—from the unknown women behind the infamous psychedelic designs of the 1960s to the designers today who are tuning in but never dropping out by shifting drug use from recreational to vocational.

This issue traces a new school of surreal, acid-laced design to its unlikely roots at a corporate business magazine, and talks to a range of experts, from psychics forecasting the future of design, to the branding masterminds who are manipulating your buying habits.

Along with a healthy dose of trickery and illusion, the Psych issue features deep reporting, candid interviews and op-eds, mind-bending visual essays, and editorial packages that stretch and test what design journalism can be.

Hear from: Steph Davidson, Homa Delvaray, Marina Esmeraldo, Cat Frazier, Wade Jeffree + Leta Sobierajski, Cliff Kuang, Tracy Ma, Debbie Millman, Jesse Reed, The Rodina, Louise Sandhaus, Charles Spence, and Richard Turley. With writing by Chase Booker and James Cartwright.

Includes a tear-out poster by graphic designer Nejc Prah and an Alexis Beauclair comic.

AIGA Eye on Design Editors: Liz Stinson (Managing); Emily Gosling, Meg Miller (Senior); Madeline Morley (Associate). Founder and director: Perrin Drumm

Designed by Shira Inbar

Published by AIGA, 2018

Softcover, 160 pages, full color with DayGlo ink, 6.5 × 9 inches

SSN: 74470 29967

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