Eye on Design - Issue #01 (Invisible)


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The first issue of AIGA's Eye on Design magazine celebrates graphic design as well as the written word. Inside this inaugural issue, readers will find stories that reveal the code, data, and grids that lurk behind contemporary life's designed interfaces.

“Invisible” is the articulated theme of the issue, but the contents are anything but due in large part to Maziyar Pahlevan's boundary-pushing design. 

Intangible subjects like identity and mental health are probed and made visible through work by some of Eye on Design's favorite artists, illustrators, and designers—including Alexandra Bell, Nate Lewis (who provides a photo essay), Antoine Cossé and Erik Carter—fill the issue. In-house designer Tala Safié provides a piece of visual satire.

Each issue of Eye on Design is meant to push the bounds of what design journalism can be while experimenting with what a design magazine looks like. Each issue includes long-form features; shorter articles and design history-focused essays; interviews; a comic; and a series of visual portfolios. 

Editors: Liz Stinson (Managing); Emily Gosling, Meg Miller (Senior); Madeline Morley (Associate)

Designed by Maziyar Pahlevan

Published by AIGA, 2018

Softcover, 160 pages, full color, 6.5 × 9 inches

SSN 74470 29967

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