Dutch Posters 1997-2017: A Selection By Anthon Beeke


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Born in 1940 in Amsterdam, Dutch graphic designer Anton Beeke learned graphic design without any formal training.

Renowned for his provocative poster designs, which explored themes of love, sex, and violence, and for numerous clients, including theatre groups such as Toneelgroep Amsterdam and the art fair KunstRAI, Beeke is considered one of the most prominent post-war poster designers in the Netherlands.

This book presents an overview of roughly 350 posters from the Netherlands from the past two decades, selected by Beeke before his unexpected passing in September 2018.

A remarkable survey of the development of posters as a medium, it reflects the strong tradition of Dutch poster design, while Beeke’s keen, critical eye and personal touch give the collection added value.

Two essays provide context. Frederike Huygen sets the posters against the backdrop of developments in the profession and the medium. Bob Wiman writes about Beeke's critera for and perception of posters. 

Designed by Saiid & Smale, with assistance from Laura Bolczek

Published by Lecturis / Saiid & Smale, 2018

Hardcover, 224 pages, color and b&w images, 9.8 × 12.2 inches

ISBN: 978-9-46-226303-1

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