• Desired Landscapes, Issue 02

Desired Landscapes, Issue 02

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A Magazine Reading Into Cities

An experimental travel journal disguised as an unassuming city guide, each pocket-sized issue of Desired Landscapes dives into the subjective representation of place and locale.

Issue 02 cover Grande Motte (France); Pisa (Italy); Kuwait; Berlin (Germany); Zurich (Switzerland); Athens (Greece); Sour Lake (Texas, USA); Concrete Island; Alexandria (Egypt); Hong Kong; Barcelona (Spain); and Florence (Italy).

Mixing photography, poetry, interviews, and first-person prose, the issue is a dense and fascinating collection of pieces inspired by the visual landscape of contemporary urban experience, with contributions from architects, visual artists, graphic designers, and photographers. Public design, mapping, and vernacular and ephemeral typography all become subjects to consider, document and memorialize.

Conceived by editor-in-chief and Greek graphic designer Natassa Pappa, the project serves as a collection of work depicting distant vistas — unvisited or perhaps unforgettable, projections of possible homes, streets to be discovered, and urban clichés to be demystified. 

Published by [Street], [Design], [Words], 2019

Softcover, 170 pages, b&w and full color, 4.2 × 6.3 inches

ISSN: 2623-3452

Looking makes making better.