Collection Revue, No. 5: 9 Conversations


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Drawn from recordings made in 2016, this publication is an intimate document of how artists resolve issues of living, working, and exhibiting within circumscribed and shared spaces. Interviewees also speak about their ties with creative peers, competitors, and mentors, illuminating their experiences.

Designed and imagined by a team of artists and graphic designers, the fifth issue of France's Collection revue consists of nine interview transcripts with an international group of artists in the early stages of their careers. A transcript in French leads each section followed by an English translation with relevant photography. 

Interviewed artists include Taroop & Glabel, Ernest T., Galerie 126 (collective), Yannick Val Gesto, Masanao Hirayama, Sarah Tritz, Stafanie Leinhos, Maximage, Éditions Matière, and Aidan Koch. The book features a partial cover sleeve with images of the artists’ works in their respective installation environments.

Interviews conducted and edited by Jean-Philippe Bretin, Vanessa Dziuba, Julien Kedryna, Sammy Stein, and Antoine Stevenot

Designed by Jean-Philippe Bretin and Antoine Stevenot

Published by Collection revue, 2017

In French and English

Softcover, b&w and full color images, 8.25 × 11.75 inches

ISSN 2431-4897

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