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China is a big Moldova / Olya Oleinic


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China is a big Moldova is an image journal by artist Olya Oleinic, made on the occasion of her exhibition Made of China at Foam, Amsterdam. As research for her exhibition, Olya took a two month trip to Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong, to explore the consumer culture and aesthetics of Chinese society.

This book is a collection of images taken during her journey, serving as a chronicle of travels and a portrait of the parallels between China – the country with one of the fastest developing economies in the world, yet a place what seemed very backward on many levels – and Moldova, Oleinic's formerly communist home country. In a similar manner to Olya’s intuitive photographic approach to her environment, this book tries to capture a sense of immediacy through a highly flexible grid reflecting the spontaneous nature of a snapshot.

Designed and co-edited by Kasper Pyndt

Published by Olya Oleinic, 2016

Printed in a limited edition of 300 copies

Softcover, full color, 5.7 × 7.87 inches

ISBN 978-0-9802055-1-0