• Cannibals / Ian Lynam

Cannibals / Ian Lynam

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A handbook of dubious exercises, tips, and rants about becoming a designer who teaches... and a handbook for designers who happen to be in the midst of being taught.

A volume of new essays about design, education, hope, dread, delight, misery, and—of course!—sex from Tokyo-based designer and educator Ian Lynam. Cannibals is part-innately relatable pop narrative, part-irreverent mythology, and part-searing critical analysis of design culture today.

Topics include:

- Group projects, process, and writing. 
- Methods versus methodologies. 
- Mentorship, homework, and tantric computing. 
- Colleagues and death. 
- Prepress 101 and group hugs. 
- The utter importance of taking a walk once in a while. 
- Accountability, vulnerability, and debt, debt, debt. 
- Locale, dissent, listening versus hearing, and more about writing. 
- Allies, divergent pedagogy, and our old pal Kierkegaard. 
- Some other stuff, form, content, and misanthropy. 
- Theory, practice, and more misanthropy. 
- Getting started teaching. 
- Multi-tasking, quality, and nostalgia. 
- The importance of reading, unpopular perspectives on globalism, and some advice on the current stock market.

Typeset in a family of digital typefaces from Wordshape called Kirimomi Display.

Designed by Ian Lynam

Published by Wordshape

Softcover, 92 pages, stapled, 3-color offset, 5.88 × 8.25 inches

Looking makes making better.