Buy My Privacy: Typing Edition


Buy My Privacy is a series of products generated from ‘semi-private’ information—information that is not generally publicized, but is nonetheless not private in the purest sense as it is collected and used by the organizations who built the software we use. This information is commodified when our ‘private’ habits are sold to advertisers for profit.

Graphic designer Barron Webster demonstrates the potential of this data as both record, narrative, abstraction, artistic production, and personal product. The first three editions of Buy My Privacy track Barron's own online activities, with the potential for further "sequels." Each edition creates a self-portrait constructed out of automatically produced data; together the set of three editions produces a multi-faceted rendering of a 21st century digital citizen.

Typing (Edition 1) 

110 pages, 6 × 9 inches
Every single keystroke Barron Webster typed on his computer keyboard between April 3, 2015 to May 1, 2015. Data includes every key pressed as well as application being used.

Self-published, 2015