BallPill Type Specimen


Drawing on previous designs for his Pickle-Standard and Waldeck typefaces, French type designer Benoît Bodhuin created BallPill to address a number of design ideas he'd been itching to explore but that weren't feasible for commissioned client projects.

Dubbing the typeface "BallPill" because of its inherent strangeness, the name also gestures to its own "round like a ball" counter weights. And buried in the name is a nod to another inspiration—Max Bill, the Swiss architect, painter, type designer, industrial design, and graphic designer.

With a number of distinguishing letterforms and a startling move away from symmetry, the quirky bold forms of BallPill mimic the writing style of most fonts when typeset in its heavier weights. The lighter options highlight oddities—the stark oppositions between straight and curved aspects of various characters, for instance.

Derived according to grids, rules, and constraints, BallPill is an option for mechanical and rational applications. There's a "so-retro-but-so-future" vibe that positions the face as a choice for vintage branding as well as architectural projects.

This poster showcases all five weights of BallPill (thin, light, regular, medium, and bold).

Published and designed by Benoît Bodhuin, 2020

Printed by Quintal Éditions

Double-sided poster (ships folded), 2-color Risograph, 8.25 × 11.75 inches, folded; 16.5 × 23.4 inches, open