Artist-Run Europe: Practice / Projects / Spaces


Part how-to manual, part history, part socio-political critique, Artist-Run Europe looks at the conditions, the organizational models, and the role of artist-led practice within contemporary art and society. It shows how artist-run practice manifests itself; how artist-run spaces are a distinctive part of visual art culture; and how they present a complex, heterogeneous and necessary set of alternatives to larger or more commercial institutions.

How are artist-run spaces organized? How is value ascribed to these often transitory practices, and is this value recognized within the field? What do artist-run spaces add to the ecology of the civil society? Can artist-run spaces develop and be sustained without the need to institutionalize? Questions such as these are addressed by contributors including Jason E. Bowman, AA Bronson, Noelle Collins, Valerie Connor, Joanna Laws, Freek Lomme, Megs Morley, Gavin Wade and Katherine Waugh. Edited by artists/curators Gavin Murphy and Mark Cullen, this softcover book contains an expansive and detailed index of artist-run spaces in Europe.

Edited by Gavin Murphy & Mark Cullen

Designed by WorkGroup (Ireland)

Published by Onomatopee

Softcover, 204 pages, fold-out cover with exposed binding, full color,
6.5 × 9.25 inches

ISBN: 978-94-91677-56-4