• Arizona: Dinamo Typefaces
  • Arizona: Dinamo Typefaces

Arizona: Dinamo Typefaces

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The Arizona Type Specimen is a five-color, split-page, spiral-bound showcase for ABC Dinamo's typeface ABC Arizona.

Designed by Elias Hanzer and released in 2021, ABC Arizona is the first ever sans-to-serif variable font that packages its five looks — Serif, Text, Mix, Flare, and Sans — into one single file. This specimen celebrates Arizona’s countless combinations through its split structure. Mix and match the half pages to discover the typeface family’s vast system.

Includes the essay, "Tools and Shapes," by typographer Ferdinand Ulrich.

Illustrations by Célestin Krier

Edited by Madeleine Morley

Designed by Hanzer Liccini

Published by Dinamo Editions, 2022

Softcover with yellow spiral binding, [160 pages], offset printed, 8.25 × 10.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-910551-00-8

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