• Anthology of Emo (Volume 2)

Anthology of Emo (Volume 2)

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Edited by Tom Mullen, with a foreword by Luke O'Neil

Anthology of Emo (Volume 2) picks up where 2017's Volume 1 left off, continuing a series of interviews with heavyweights in the emo music genre, including Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World); Chris Conley (Saves the Day), Bob Nanna (Braid) authors and scene veterans Trevor Kelley and Leslie Simon, as well as a final interview with the legendary Jon Bunch of Sense Field, recorded prior to his untimely death in 2017.

Featuring rare and unseen photos and ephemera, each volume of the Anthology of Emo series is intended to be a printed complement to the critically acclaimed Washed Up Emo podcast, serving as an informative and faithful companion to the genre of emo.

Designed by Jesse Reed, Order

Published by Washed Up Books, 2020

Softcover, 364 pages, b&w, 4.25 × 8.5 inches

ISBN: 978-0-57-871080-8

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