An Initiation in Typography (Eine Einführung in die Typographie / Une Initiation à la Typographie)


''Did you notice how picturesque the letter 'Y' is?'' asks a poem by Victor Hugo. ''That the letter 'O' stands for the sun or that the letter 'Y' stands for tree, glass or a fork in the road?''

In this fascinating initiation into visual design and typography, authors Anne Denastas and Camille Gallet awaken readers' curiosity page by page as they reveal the magic of typography. Short, succinct texts introduce each topic, and typographical puzzles are presented with simple geometric shapes. The first chapter deals with proportions: grid systems and typographical measurements. The central theme of the second chapter is the tension and the harmony between black and white, including layout challenges. The third chapter is dedicated to the origin of letter shapes, script families and historical fonts. A marvelous typographic primer for beginners that will also bring new inspiration to experienced designers.

Designed by Anne Denastas and Camille Gallet

Published by Niggli

In German, English and French

Hardcover, 128 pages, 270 images, 8.8 × 12 inches

ISBN: 978-3-7212-0597-8

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