All Mouth / Maziyar Pahlevan


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A text about mouths in a mouth. About listening to the mouths in mouth. What mouths in mouth think and say and make a person do. How a mouth takes over one's thinking—how a mouth leads one to do things, disturbs, causes one to think.

An audio work produced by graphic designer Maziyar Pahlevan. This recording continues Pahlevan's experiments with typography, language, sound, and meaning. The first release in The Cavities of Gratification series.

Includes liner notes with script

Designed and written by Maziyar Pahlevan

Voice performances by Laura Foxgrover, Qiong Li, and Maziyar Pahlevan

Published by TTT New York City, 2016
Released in a limited edition of 100 copies

1 cassette
Running time: 15 min.

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