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A5 Refugee Workshop Publication / Klasse Thomas


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Fifteen young people, originally hailing from Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Somali, Gambia, and Eritrea, worked with fourteen student designers (Klasse Thomas) to produce the poster campaign and related exhibition documented in this booklet.

In March 2016, Professor Patrick Thomas, a teacher of Kommunikationsdesign at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart in Germany, was approached with a novel proposal from a local organization, Freundeskreis Killesberg. They asked if the class would work on an exhibition of posters to inform and reassure local residents about the imminent arrival of refugee families to a newly build ‘container village’ in Stuttgart. Thomas and the class worked to involve children, teenagers, and young adults who were part of this community in the design process, inviting them to participate in a workshop and creating an opportunity for them to become protagonists in the project.

This publication shares information about the workshop and spotlights eighteen posters which resulted from the collaborative design process.

Community collaborators: Adnan (18 years old), Agiad (9 years old), Ahmad (17 years old), Ahmad (17 years old), Edrissa (20 years old), Mahmoud (16 years old), Mariam (12 years old), Nagham (14 years old), Raghad (15 years old), René (16 years old), Saed (26 years old), Teame (23 years old), Walat (25 years old), and Wasa (25 years old)

Klasse Thomas designers: Elisabeth Articus, Jonathan Auch, Philipp Becker, Maurice Beretitsch, Simon Haßler, Olga Iwanova, Alana Keenan, Mado Klümper, Fabian Krauss, Stephanie Leemann, Longfei Nie, Silvio Rebholz, Larissa Steidle, Tamara Wirth

Designed by Mado Klümper

In English and German

40 pages, black and white with 18 color illustrations, 4.125 × 5.75 inches