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A-Z: Coast to Coast Shore to Shore


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A-Z: Coast to Coast Shore to Shore aims to find innovative ways to present the geographical impact of climate change. The book was born out of the sense that climate change is somewhat abstract and difficult to address, both emotionally and conceptually.

The core of the project is a typeface based on future vulnerable coastal areas; the letters are shaped according to the way the world would appear if all the world’s ice melted. The font is presented in an A-Z reader—with each letter representing a specific area and a unique future.

The book—accompanied by a world map of the future—comes enclosed in a protective plastic enclosure, which will keep contents safe from sea level rise.

A download link to the A-Z font is also included.

Conceived and designed by Johan Elmehag

Printed in a limited edition of 50 copies

Softcover, 108 pages, black and white, 5.2 × 8.6 inches