A Typographic Workbook: A Primer to History, Techniques, and Artistry, 2nd Edition


By Kate Clair and Cynthia Busic-Snyder

Lavishly illustrated with more than 450 images, A Typographic Workbook, Second Edition explains the process successful designers use to select, space, and creatively integrate fonts.

This essential text demonstrates the use of type as a dynamic and expressive communication tool. The edition provides new and updated coverage of a broad range of topics–from a logical, clear historical overview of the craft to the latest digital technologies. Known for its highly interactive format, A Typographic Workbook includes helpful review questions and multiple-choice quizzes, as well as many new projects and skill-building exercises that help readers immediately apply what they have learned.

The workbook is a valuable professional resource for working designers and an indispensable training tool for graphic design students.

Published by Wiley, 2005

Softcover, 400 pages, b&w, 8.25 × 11 inches

ISBN: 978-0-47-169690-2

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