54 Hits From Hell


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By Blake Edwards

A zine that ranks every released song from the Glenn Danzig era of The Misfits. It was originally published by the author as a series of 54 individual posts on Facebook.

"Sometimes I come across a text—or in this case a series of texts—on the internet and it just looks like a publication waiting to happen. I had that experience as I watched my pal Blake Edwards analyze, critique, and ultimately rank every song by the band The Misfits, one song at a time, over a series of Facebook posts. At some point I asked, "You're going to make a zine from this, right?" He had no original intention of doing so, but liked the idea of turning all 54 posts into a publication so we threw caution to the wind, and made a 'zine together. It was our first collaboration, it happened quickly, it was fun, and Blake even helped out withe collating and stapling. An obvious must for fans of The Misfits, or fans of fans of The Misfits." — Marc Fischer of Public Collectors

Published by Public Collectors, 2018
Printed in an edition of 238 copies

Softcover, 20 pages, 2-color Risograph, 5.5 × 8.5 inches

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