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A diminutive book with a black binding, its precisely 336 pages each show an extreme close-up of the numbered portion of a page from one of 336 different books from the past century and more. The concept and design by Tania Prill, Alberto Vieceli and Sebastian Cremers is light-hearted and enigmatic, while simultaneously also a fascinating exercise in bibliophilic and typographical pursuits. The composition and structure of the project reference George Brecht's work, while the title is inspired by the artist books of Ed Ruscha, which make the content of a volume transparent. The concept for the book apparently originated during the reading of p. 243 of Bram Stoker's <i>Dracula</i>.

Includes a paper insert containing an index of every source used in the book's making.

Published by Everyedition
Printed in an edition of 400 copies

Hardcover, 336 pages, offset, 4.25 × 6.25 inches

ISBN 286-7-2540815-8-6