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2018 Calendar / OYE Hezin


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A fun and decorative 2018 calendar with artwork by Korea's OYE Hezin. Each month is mapped to an alphabetically-related subject: January's “J” prompts a Jungle; February's F” brings up Football, and so on. The month's dates—set in Benoît Bodhuin's bb-book typeface—frame each monthly portrait, with color used to denote holidays, weekends, and weekdays. Tear off each month to reveal a colorful new print. A hole-punch through all cards allows for easy hanging on a wall near you.

Designed by O hezin

Published by O hezin, 2017
Printed by Corners (Korea)

Text in English and Korean

13 perforated postcards, 2-color Risograph printing, 4.75 × 7.5 inches
Sleeved in cardstock enclosure and plastic sleeve.