Doko Demo Design / どこでもデザイン


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“Design words that fit in your pocket”—a fully bilingual 68-page phrasebook of Japanese and English graphic design terminology.

Sections within include: 2D Design Basics, Shapes & Forms, Colors, Design Adjectives, Typography, Design Movement-related Terms, and Digital Design Terms. Also included are extremely handy anatomical charts of Japanese typography and Latin typography. Printed using a Risograph on kraft paper, Doko Demo Design (“Design Wherever”) easily fits into your back pocket for portability and maximum effectiveness.

Each of the 1,000-plus terms within is typeset in English, the katakana pronunciation of the English, kanji, hiragana pronunciation, and Hepburn Romanized phonetic pronunciation.

DDD is the result of a 2-week charette project at Temple University Japan in Ian Lynam’s graphic design class and was co-authored by Emiko Nishiwaki, Kimi Tang, Fumiya Hoshi, Darrell Ng, Alexandra Barbour, Hikari Sakurai, Eglif Pascal, Michael Turner, and Nick Newberg.

If you’re interested in Japanese graphic design and getting around using Japanese in the design world, this puppy is essential!

Published by Wordshape and Ghetto Owls

Designed by Ghetto Owls and Ian Lynam

68 pages, Risograph on brown kraft paper, 6 × 4.2 inches

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