• On Carol

On Carol

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By Michael Russem

The first issue of Katherine Small Gallery's Design Brief series is on Carol (J. Blinn), a modest typographer who puts the good in Really Good Work.

Although well-known in the world of fine books, her work as a printer-for-hire may be less familiar to many. This slim volume is a chance to savor some of her tasteful typography, seasoned to perfection.

Intended to highlight the work of underappreciated designers, as well as lesser known work by well-known practitioners, or oddball collections of "things" that might be of interest to those who love design and typography, this series by Boston's Katherine Small Gallery aims to produce good and surprising works that contribute to the history and understanding of graphic design.

Designed by Michael Russem

Published by Katherine Small Gallery, 2020

Softcover, 16 pages, full color, 6 × 9 inches

Looking makes making better.