Migma Typeface Specimen


By Chloe Legret

Migma translates as "mixed" in Latin, a fitting description for the mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques used to produce this type specimen.

Blending contemporary and traditional processes—from laser cutting to letterpress, from film photography to Risograph printing—this 24-page zine also features a perforated page down the central spread to tear out. The volume is Riso-printed in two colors, pairing a modernist fluoro pink with rich heritage brown.

This mix is also a fitting descriptor for the hybrid form of the typeface itself, a semi serif display typeface whose development was begun during Legret's second year at Brighton University in the UK.

Designed, published and produced by Chloe Legret

Softcover, 20 pages, sewn binding, 2-color Risograph, 7 × 5 inches

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