• True Print / Dafi Kühne
  • True Print / Dafi Kühne

True Print / Dafi Kühne

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Dafi Kühne is a Swiss designer who works with analog and digital ways to produce fresh and unique letterpress-printed posters.

Using very different kinds of instruments for his compositions—from a MacBook to a pantograph—he pushes the boundaries of design. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty in his creative workshop, Kühne embraces the labor involved in the entire process of creating a poster from initial idea to finished product.

Fusing modern means with the century-old tradition of the letterpress, he forms a new vocabulary on how to communicate through type and form in a truly un-nostalgic way. Never retro, his work is a clever response to the search for new ways of graphic expression: true print. This is Kühne's first monograph.

Edited by Reto Caduff
With contributions by David Shields and Rudolf Barmettler

Designed by Dafi Kühne

Published by Lars Müller Publishers, 2017

Hardcover, 152 pages, 182 color images, 9.5 × 11.75 inches

ISBN: 978-3-03778-509-6

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