Cathédrale de Lausanne, 1505-2022 / Kyoungtae Kim


Ordinary buildings disappear naturally as time goes by—through erosion, destruction, or other forces—but city landmarks like the Cathedral of Lausanne often survive. When landmark buildings like cathedrals undergo repair, the year of repair is typically carved onto the building; the building maintains its traditional form while being simultaneously transformed. The building serves as a tabula rasa, with various historical moments literally written in stone upon its surface to mark specific moments.

Architectural photographer and graphic designer Kyoungtae Kim chose the Cathedral of Lausanne as a space which merges this distinct conflict of mutable and immutable structure, training his lens on the carved numerals that mark passing time and past actions.

Editing & Design by Hyeok Shin & Donghyeok Shin

Published by Mediabus
First edition, 2014
Printed in edition of 300 copies

52 pages, 1-color offset, 8 x 11.875 in.