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Open Recent Graphic Design 2018


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Catalog for Open Recent Graphic Design, an exhibition of graphic design in Seoul, Korea in September 2018.

ORGD was intended to present a cross-section of graphic design in Korea—an ultra-short-term retrospective that took contemporary graphic design as its subject. 

The catalog presents several essays (in Korean and English) about graphic design in Korea in the twenty-first century. Lushly illustrated with examples of posters, publications, and stills of motion work produced by graphic design professionals and students, the exhibition itself is fully documented. 

Includes exhibited works by graphic designers Dongshin Kim, Minkee Bae, Yehwan Song, Jaeho Shin, Jieun Yang, WORKS, Donggyu Kim, Jihyun Park, Jeongeun Seong, and Hezin O. 

With texts by Siwoo Kwon, Lynn Kim, Yeonjin Oh, Dozin Lee, Dahyoung Chung, Eunju Jeong, and Sung Min Choi.

Exhibition curated by Jieun Yang, Minkee Bae, Dongshin Kim

Designed by Jieun Yang

Published by Press Room, 2018
Printed in a limited edition of 400 copies
Bilingual, text in Korean and English

Softcover, full color, 6.75 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 979-1-19-595123-9