Zug Magazine #10: Noniggaho


Zug Magazine is a biannual collection of extraordinary artworks. Launched in 2010 by independent publisher Innen, each publication portrays culturally subjective depictions. Its free-style layouts are a combination of unusual photography, illustrations, brief texts, and collaged works. 

Issue #10 is guest-edited by Rita Ackermann and consists of Ackermann's drawings and painted works as well as photography by Richard Kern. Excerpted writings by Slavoj Žižek and Paul Virilio, both in English, are also included.

A separate publication from Innen and Nieves, Noniggaho/Reactions, collects responses to the images in this volume from various women and is intended to be a companion work.

Designed by Rita Ackermann and Aaron Fabian

Published by Innen (Switzerland)

Printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies

Softcover, 92 pages, b&w offset, 6.5 × 9.29 inches