Pizza Hunt / Ho Hai Tran & Chloe Cahill


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The fates of iconic dine-in Pizza Hut restaurants that were erected by the thousands in the last three decades of the 20th century are documented by Ho Hai Tran and Chloe Cahill. Today, only a handful of huts remain—and they've acquired second lives as grocery stores, pawnshops, gospel churches, liquor stores and funeral homes. Driven by an interest in lost arts, bygone eras and forgotten histories, Tran and Cahill painstakingly document these second lives, training a lens on nostalgia for the golden era of dine-in fast food and recording their pizza-inspired odyssey.

Introduced by a foreword by Phillip Langdon (Orange Roofs, Golden Arches), this volume includes a selection of nearly 100 huts photographed over two years, documenting sites in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. As an extensive study of a single structure in various phases of evolution, Pizza Hunt provides a unique opportunity to linger and meditate on the ubiquity and uniformity of fast food architecture as a form.

Shortlisted as a finalist for The Anamorphosis Prize

Designed by Sam Flaherty

Published by Cursa Major, 2016

Hardcover, 107 pages, full color, 9.25 × 11.42 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9945439-0-5

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