Kong Typeface Specimen


Kong is a bold display typeface for use at large scale, inspired by the Chinese word, Kong ( 空 ), which can be translated in English to air, empty, hollow, sky, and time. These concepts form the starting point for the letterforms—by combining thick and thin strokes, the typeface aims to conjure a sense of space, openness, and strength.

This specimen provides an overview of the glyphs found within Kong and demonstrates how the typeface can be used at different sizes for maximum impact.

Typeface and type specimen designed by Daniel Reed
Photography by Alan Silvester

16 pages, 1 color, 4.75 × 7.875 inches +
1 folded sheet, 1-color on red paper, 14 × 7.875 inches
(folded: 4.75 × 7.875 inches), housed together in a red envelope




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