Dig in Your Heels, Stick to Your Guns / Grace Ahlbom


American photographer Grace Ahlbom defines an alternative world that reflects her current and past identity through her photography. By seeking out boys with the characteristics she desires, this publication explore her own gender identity.

“Growing up in Marin County, just outside San Francisco, Grace Ahlbom photographed her friends riding BMX bikes, and messing around in skate parks... Dig in Your Heels, Stick to Your Guns taps into that adolescent sense of timelessness — when you had days to kill with boredom. She shoots skinny boys in languorous slouches, wearing sweatpants and bruises from homemade skate ramps... carefully staged, deceptively natural portraits [are] interspersed with still lifes that evoke long hours spent ‘making something from nothing’: apple pipes, totemic bundles of duct tape and heavy metal T-shirts, and graffitied tree trunks.” —i.D

Self-published, 2016

First edition, printed in a limited edition of 100 copies

18 pages, Softcover, spiral-bound, 9.5 × 8 in.

ISBN 978-1-945178-01-6