• Politics of the Everyday

Politics of the Everyday

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By Ezio Manzini

Each of us develops and enacts strategies for living our everyday lives.

These may confirm the general tendency towards new forms of connected solitude, in which we work, travel and live alone, yet feel sociable mainly by means of technology.

Alternatively, they may help to create flexible communities that are open and inclusive, and therefore resilient and socially sustainable.

In Politics of the Everyday, Ezio Manzini discusses examples of social innovation that show how, even in these difficult times, a better kind of society is possible.

By bringing autonomy and collaboration together, it is possible to develop new forms of design intelligence, for our own good, for the good of the communities we are part of, and for society as a whole.

Cover design by Andrew LeClair and Chris Wu of Wkshps

Published by Bloomsbury, 2019
Part of the Designing in Dark Times series

Softcover, 152 pages, b&w, 7.75 × 5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-35-005364-9

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