Don't Get a Job... Make a Job: How to Make It as a Creative Graduate


Strategies to gain exposure in the creative industries – including design, fashion, and advertising

By Gem Barton

Too often a design or architecture degree is seen as a means to an end (a job in an established practice). But imagine for one moment that there are no employers, no firms to send your CV to, no interviews to be had—what would you do? How would you forge your own path after graduation?

The current economic climate has seen many graduates chasing a finite number of positions. The most ingenious and driven designers have found weird and wonderful ways of making opportunities for themselves, often by applying their skills across the creative disciplines of art, design, architecture, and interiors.

Knowing what you want from your design career and being able to adapt your strategy to suit is basic and vital: designers need to evolve.

The book celebrates the various strategies that students and graduates are taking to gain exposure, while also including interviews and inspirational advice from those who are now enjoying success as a result of their creative approach to employment.

Published by Laurence King Publishing, 2016

Softcover, 144 pages, 350 color images, 5.8 × 8 inches

ISBN: 978-1-78-067746-0

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