Doko Demo Design Deluxe


A much-expanded followup to the bestselling but now out of print phrasebook zine Doko Demo Design (DDD).

This deluxe version is a Japanese/English dictionary and phrasebook for graphic designers, artists, photographers, and culture enthusiasts. Filled with terminology, the publication includes diagrams of both Japanese and Latin typeface anatomy as well as playful illustrations.

Terms are grouped under general themes. Sections include shapes and forms, design terms, color, design and empire, studying culture, design and disaster, propaganda, history and geography, nostalgia, typography, design movements, the modern, digital design, photography, the "feminine", painting, and economics and finance. Each of the terms is presented in English alongside Katakana, Kanji, Hiragana and Romaji phonetic pronunciation.

Doko Demo Design Deluxe is the result of years of in-class research at Temple University Japan where over a hundred students participated in compiling this resource. The expanded edition features many more terms, includes corrections, increased readability, and will stand as a design reference you can return to again and again.

The book features a lively intro by educator and writer Ian Lynam, who designed the book with Nicole Ann Yotsue Kimura. 

Edited by Nicole Ann Yotsue Kimura, Ian Lynam, Yuki Kameguchi, Iori Kikuchi, and Ayumi Watanabe.

Published by Wordshape, 2022
Bilingual, in Japanese and English

190 pages, perfect bound, 3-color offset, × inches

ISBN: 979-8-98-564350-3

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