Post Medium: Catalogue for the 2019 Chaumont Graphic Design International Biennale


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A catalog of images and essays—for designers, students, enlightened enthusiasts, image sympathizers, poster collectors, and graphic design historians—documenting the 28th International Poster Competition and 2019 International Graphic Design Biennale in Chaumont, France.

Recognizing the best international poster designs—both printed and animated—and celebrating contemporary graphic design, this publication addresses itself to an array of media: digital, textile, and three-dimensional.

Includes texts by The Rodina, “Abolish the Stage of Precarity on Performance Design”; Vanina Pinter, “Basic”; Yann Owens, “Frédéric Teschner, Rue De Paris”; Camille Trimardeau, “Gynographie”; Thierry Chancogne, “Karl Nawrot, Phénoménes”; Jean-Michel Géridan, “Post Medium”; Virginie Vignon, “The Poster Factory”; and an interview between Notamuse (Lea Sievertsen and Claudia Scheer) and Jean-Michel Géridan, Director of le Signe, Centre National Du Graphisme.

Designed by Ines Cox

Published by le Signe, Centre National Du Graphisme, 2019
Bilingual, text in English and French

Softcover, 240 pages, color images, 4.15 × 6.7 inches

ISBN 979-1-09-738920-8

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