Footnotes, Issue C


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Footnotes is the periodical bulletin of applied research in type design, produced by the Swiss digital type foundry La Police.

The third issue (Issue C) features: the second part of research series focused on Ladislas Mandel's typefaces for telephone directories (including Linéale, Lusitania & Nordica) as well as text by Coline Sunier & Charles Mazé, who share their work on the visual identity for CAC Brétigny, a project which also produced the typefaces LARA and BALI. 

Type designer Nicolien van der Keur writes about the production of typewriter type styles and their influence on letterpress typefaces; French designer Alaric Garnier shares the identity he built for the May Gallery in New Orleans, drawing on a sign painting apprenticeship and exploring the efficacies needed to address a shoestring budget; and Dan Reynolds retraces the origins of Akzidenz-Grotesk. 

The issue also includes a selection of in-progress type projects by the contributors of issue C and its future successor, issue D.

“... [A] critical piece of dialogue in the contemporary type landscape... this third edition delivers more robust and innovative thinking.” —Typograph.her

Editing and design by Mathieu Christe

Published by La Police, 2019

Softcover, 48 pages, b&w, 6.5 × 9.25 inches

ISSN: 2504-0413

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