Boden World Magazine, Issue No. 2


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Boden World Magazine explores the aesthetics, rhetorics, and semantics of business aesthetics through the eyes of young people interested in design and streetwear.

Issue No. 2 features interviews with bodybuilders & sliding doors salesmen, essays on spiritual wellbeing, photo editorials on horse whispering, energy crystals & office food, as well as guides to small talk and the top techno tracks for tech startups.

The issue comes with a 16-page Riso printed zine on religious symbols translated into a business context, and a postcard with motives from the photo editorials.

With contributions by Truls Grepperud, Ida Messel, Rakel Biønstad, Vegar Tryggeseid, Tyler Metzger, Amelie Dinh, Knut Øines, and Nicola Zamai

Designed by Boden World (Axel Berggraf Egenæs, Jonas Vetlesen, Elias Bjørnson Olderbakk, and Erlend Grimeland)

Published by Boden Publishing (Norway), 2019
Printed in a limited edition of 75 copies

Softcover, 96 pages, full-color digital + Risograph printing, 10.5 × 8.25 inches 

ISBN: 978-8-26-913202-1

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